The Way I Like It
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Another dragging day of school
Another sitting on a bus
Coming home tired
Another calling of my friend
Sending of a message
Looking out the window, at the beautiful world
Hours seem so short until it all starts again
Must get in ďmyĒ time before Iím dead
Way too soon Iím in my bed
Under the covers and wishing Iíd said
This or that, to him or her
Stood a little taller, smiled a little more
Before long Iím half asleep mumbling to my mom
Beep beep, I jump up to turn it off
Just a trick to get me up
Make me start my day
Not to long itís the weekend, joy, joy, joy
Lounging all day, sand wasting away through an hour glass
But I donít care
All of this, my life, boring as it may seem
Itís the way I like it
Me and I on Myselfís team

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