True Best Friends Forever
Andrea, Age 11, Wymark, SK

Chy Connors sat in her desk and sighed. Mr. Hensley was giving another one of his boring Social Lectures.  Though Chy had only been sitting there for a couple of minutes she was already bored. Mr. Hensley was the worst teacher in the whole school. She looked over to her friends, Annie, Avail and Ivy. They had all been best fiends since kindergarten and now they where in Grade 6.

Long ago they had formed a group called “The True Best Friends Forever Club” otherwise know as the TBFF.  It looked like her friends where just as bored as she was. Annie and Ivy (the best drawers of the group) were doodling on their book covers. Annie’s pictures were of funny cartoon faces saying funny things. While Ivy’s pictures were of real looking dogs, cats, horses and flowers.  Avail was staring aimlessly into space, daydreaming as usual.

Half an hour later the bell rang. Chy smiled that class had dragged on like years! Now it was their last class of the day, Journal. This was Chy’s FAVORITE subject because she loved to write. She picked up her pen and began to write.

Wednesday, September 20 2005

Dear Journal,

Well, today was not that bad, Mrs. Philip. (Mrs. Philip was her Gr.6 homeroom teacher)  Ivy, Avail and Annie all have Volleyball practice today. If you are wondering why I did not join the team is because I am the WORLD'S MOST SUCKIEST VOLLYBALL PLAYER!!!!! Yes, I am do not say I am good because I know I am not. Once again I will be the ONLY girl on the bus. Luckily my ride is short. Now you know it really does not bother me I am not in Volleyball. I never liked it and I don’t feel like I am missing anything. But is sort of lonely walking down the hall by myself.

Your Student,
Chy Connors

Chy closed her Journal just as the dismissal bell rang. She walked down the hall alone but luckily Kathy, a friendly fourth grader, kept her company on the way home.

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