Alyssa, Age 11, Delta, BC

Fortunately, I made a good sum of money babysitting
Unfortunately, it was until 11 p.m. and I was tired the next day
Fortunately, I was woken up early so I could hike up to the lake
Unfortunately, it felt like it had just melted off a glacier in the arctic
Fortunately, it was cooler when I helped my friends with their paper route
Unfortunately, my legs were like rubber
Fortunately, the route wasn't too long and I had a fun time
Unfortunately, it was too long for me to carry my mom's phone
Fortunately, there was enough room in my friend's backpack for it
Unfortunately, I left it in the backpack
Fortunately, I had my new bike so I could go get it
Unfortunately, I rode into a pole
Fortunately, I'm okay
Unfortunately, this is a true story

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