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Justin Somper. Vampirates: Demons Of The Ocean
Little, Brown And Co.  $21.99  ISBN 978-0-316-01373-4  330 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

When Dexter Tempest dies, he leaves absolutely nothing to his twins, Conner and Grace, except an old sea shanty about a mysterious group of vampires that sail the ocean. Having many a debt, the bank tries to take all of Dexterís possessions away when he dies. But before the bank owner, Lachlan Busby, can stop them, Conner and Grace sail away in their dadís yacht.  However, soon out at sea, a wicked storm blows in, overturning their ship; it separates them and threatens to drown them.  Floundering helplessly, they are both saved but by different people. Conner is taken into the hands of pirates, while a strange boat filled with Vampires picks up Grace! Will the Tempest twins survive? Or will they be killed?

Justin Somper, author of Vampirates, is an exciting person who really enjoys not only writing, but also likes to immerse you in the book so much that you feel as if youíre one or even both characters in this awesome book.  Although this is the first book of Somper's that I have read, I am already waiting for the next one.

I would recommend Vampirates for ages 9 and up mostly because of the length and not the words or ideas.  I immensely enjoyed reading this book because I thought it was the perfect length, it was fairly descriptive, and everything seemed to tie in perfectly to everything else in the whole entire book including the prologue.  Another reason that I knew that I liked this book so much was that I read it multiple times. Usually, I just read a book once and everything about it is already in my memory, but once in a while there is a really good book which never gets boring, no matter how many times I read it.

I give Vampirates: Demons Of The Ocean 5 out of 5 stars.


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