Sarah's Stars

Dan Greenburg.  The Vampire’s Curse
Harcourt  $11.95  ISBN 0-15-205469-3  144 pg.
Reviewed by Patrick, Age 11

Zombie Dad seemed surprised. He grabbed his neck with both hands and made gurgling, gagging noises. Then he crumpled up and fell backward against the counter. Flasks, beakers, and other laboratory equipment crashed to the floor in an explosion of tinkling shards of glass.

Wally and Cheyenne think all is well when they discover their zombie dad. That is, until they realize that zombies were considered dead. Professor Edgar Spydelle then remembers an elixir he created that makes the dead become human again. Dad takes some of it but soon finds out that there’s a fault in the elixir. Wait! Don’t forget Hedy and Dagmar. They’re going to jump at every opportunity they can to get at the Shluffmuffin twins.

Dan Greenburg brings to bookstores The Vampire’s Curse, the third in the Secrets of the Dripping Fangs series. The story flows between two storylines to form one at the end. Good-hearted humour. The illustrations fit. A good length read which leaves you hanging and the cover made me wonder. Greenburg combines fantasy, sci-fi, humour, and more. The only thing that bugged me about this book was how the characters were introduced; one would pop up, then 3, or 7, but all of them together would have only a 5-page cameo. Regardless, I recommend this book to any boy or girl aged 8-14 because it’s fun, fictional and just plain fabulous!

I give The Vampire’s Curse 5 stars because of its awesome originality and the fact that it can make anyone laugh.


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