Winter Morning Wonderland
Annie, Age 13, Northborough, MA

The first ray of sunlight
Peeks between the icicled trees.
As my boots crunch the flaky, powdery snow,
I lift my head towards the sunbeams;
My face is washed in the warmth of the coming day.

The cold wind of a fortnight blizzard
Dwindles to a chilly breeze, and I shiver.
Gusts gently blow piled snow from our Douglass firs,
Forming miniature snowstorms;
The sun turns each granule of snow into a tiny, glistening jewel.

My backyard is filled with raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks,
Scampering across the newly laid snow;
Birds perched on bare tree limbs
Twitter their songs to the open blue sky
With only a single round glowing orb, rising.

As the sunís radiance rises above the horizon,
It engulfs the blanket-covered land
With its brilliance:
Until all I see is a glittering, white, snowy
Winter morning Wonderland.

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