Andrea, Age 11, Wymark, SK

The sun was shining brightly in the blue sky. Abby was galloping across the field her hair blowing in the wind. She was riding her Welsh Pony Misty. The day was perfect…

BEEP, BEEEEEEEEEEP!!! Abby rolled over and looked at her clock, it read 5:50 Abby lowered her legs on to the carpeted floor and stretched. She grabbed some jeans and a long sleeved shirt and pulled them on. She then ran down the stairs.

When she arrived she saw her Mom looking out the window. Abby went over and peered out. It was snowing!! And it was only October 12, 2006. Well that was Saskatchewan for you. Abby gave her Mom a hug and grabbed a bowl of cereal, poured it in a bowl and added some milk. “I can’t believe it snowed,” said Abby to her Mom. “I know,” said her Mom. “I can’t believe it either”.  Abby finished eating her cereal, put her bowl in the sink. She then bounded to the porch. Abby pulled on her winter boots, her thick winter jacket, and mittens and shoved a warm hat onto her head. By now it was about 6:15am. Abby ran as fast as you can in bulgy winter clothes. Soon she reached the barn. She did not have to do much. She grabbed a flake of hay and ran outside again. Wind whipped at her hair. She threw the hay in to Misty’s trough. (Misty was her Welsh Pony.) Then she ran back to the barn. She grabbed another flake of hay and put that is Cuda’s trough. (He was her brother’s, Logan P.O.A pony) Once again, she got another flake and put it in Willow’s trough. (Willow was her Mom’s Morgan) She checked the horse’s water. A thin layer of ice covered it. She broke it. There she was done she went back to the house. There the first part of the morning was finished! And it was only 6:35!

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