The Adventure
Jennifer, Age 8, Chengdu, China

Once there was a girl named Kirsty that liked to swim. One time her mom said they could go swimming. Her friend Rachel came to her house. She liked to swim too. Kirsty and Rachel and Kirsty's mom went swimming. And they raced and Rachel won the race. She said they can have food together! Rachel and Kirsty were so glad. Rachel and Kirsty and Kirsty's mom went to a restaurant to eat lunch. Kirsty's mom saw Kirsty's dad, Max. He said he went to America and went to the mountain and it was very cold there. His hand was frozen. And he went to the hospital there. The hospital in America called Kirsty's mom and they said Kirsty's dad is at the hospital. When he went to Korea he still had to go to the hospital. Kirsty and her mom went to the hospital. They saw Max. The doctor said that if he didn't cut his hand he had to cut all the arm. Kirsty's mom chose to cut his hand. And they cut the dad's hand and he moved his hand.

He said, "What happened?" Kirsty's mom told what happened. He went to the house and he ate medicine a lot. He went back to the hospital and they said his hand would be back and Max got a hand! Rachek, Kirsty, and Kirsty's mom and dad were all extremely glad. 

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