Chy's Day
Andrea, Age 11, Wymark, SK

Chy Connors got off the bus. She turned and waved to Kathy who was looking out the window. She went into the house and called “I’m home”. Her brother Logan ran in after calling the same thing. Their Mom came into the kitchen. “Hi, how was your day”? “Fine” answered Chy. Other than the fact that they had had Gym that day and she had gotten a volleyball whipped at her by a boy named Carson, had a boring Social Class and forgot her books in her locker and had no books for Health Class, ya the day could be rated a 5 on a scale of 1-10.

Half an hour later Chy was lying on her bed working on Math. Math was an OK subject for her except when they did stuff like Prime numbers or least common multiple. She was not good at this stuff. She had been working at it for what seemed like hours. She grabbed her Journal. This one no one EVER READ. It was confidential. It had a hard cover and a very cute puppy on it. She opened it and wrote:

I HATE this kind of Math. I have been working on it for what seems like forever. I absolutely hate it. I HATE volleyball. It seems like the only thing my friends talk about. They say things like we have a game coming I am so nerves! Or practice was awesome. I want to talk to my friends without having to listen to volleyball 24-7!!!!! I also hate Willa. She is so whiny. All she does is whine, whine, and whine. . And to add to that she may ACT like a little angle but when she gets something wrong on a test she changes it to the right answer then goes and tells the teacher that she marked it wrong. Luckily, Mrs. Philip is not stupid she saw erasing marks. So HA Willa you cannot bring up your already bad marks.

Chy finished the entry with a flourish. She and Willa had never been friends and never would be. Willa cried at almost anything. When the class was playing doge ball one of the foam balls brushed her arm. She started crying, no more less balling her eyes out. Chy thought she just did it to get the boys attention. Another bad thing about Willa. All she could think about was boys. She said she liked Shawn, Jake and Cody. Chy picked up her Journal and wrote:

Well I guess you can tell that Willa and I are enemies.

Chy closed her Journal again and got ready to face more of the dreaded Math.  

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