Sarah's Stars

Dennis Foon. The Dirt Eaters  
Annick Press   $12.95  ISBN 1-55037-806-6  312 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 13

In The Dirt Eaters, raiders attack the village of Longlight. Unable to fight back they all perish, except for Roan and his sister, Stowe. During the attack, Roan is knocked unconscious by one of the attackers. When he wakes, heís all alone. A man named Saint comes by on a motorcycle and tells Roan that he can help him. In Saintís village he is taught how to fight and to survive. But then Roan discovers the settlement has a horrible secret. The village is not what it seems. After finding the truth Roan flees with only a small amount of food, and a hook-sword given to him by one of his ex-teachers. On the way he meets a boy named Lumpy, who was almost killed by Mor-Ticks, a type of beetle that burrows into flesh and lays its eggs. Together they search for Roanís sister who is held captive in a place called The City. And so the story begins.

The Dirt Eaters is an amazing book and is the first in The Long Light Legacy series. It is a descriptive novel based on the future and keeps you hooked until the end. I would recommend it to anybody over the age of 12. It has some violent content and would not be suitable for younger children.

I give The Dirt Eaters five out of five stars.


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