Caledonia, Age 12, Salmon Arm, BC

Friends seem to be common.
It seems everybody has somebody to lean on, and to support.
Some people have many and some people have one.
And sometimes, just sometimes, people have none.
There's no such thing as having no friends.
Just like every story needs starts it needs ends.
Just like every person needs, and tends, to have friends.
But sometimes you wish that you had a great friend,
that you spend every day with, running or talking,
or maybe just staring at the clouds, or at each other.
Just thinking how lucky it is to be able, to say what you want,
no matter how crazy, and your friend will just laugh- but they'll understand.
And they won't roll over, and shut you out,
they can't and they won't slam the door.
You can glance at each other and exchange a look, a thought, a joke, an emotion.
They may move away, they may stop meeting you every day, by the stream,
but the bond in between you, the string, rope, the seam.
it holds you together for ever and ever,
and unlike a chocolate bar it never will melt,
and unlike a new bike it never will break,
and unlike a mirror it never will crack,
and unlike a promise you will never forget
that bond between you, is the best thing you'll get.

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