The Kiss
Denise, Age 12, Easton, CT

I thank him for a wonderful time hoping… hoping he’ll walk me to the door.  As I stare into his dreamy hazel eyes, he agrees that he also had a wonderful time.  He puts his large hand on the leather door handle and starts to open the door.  At that moment my stomach is flipping in excitement, none of which is shown on my face.  He takes one, two, three large steps when all I see is the black and white fuzzy dice dangling from the mirror. When he almost reaches my door, I realize that I should step out of the car.  I take a deep breath in, and I lift myself up trying not to hit my head on the car ceiling.  I stand up straight in my jean skirt and my tight gray leggings.  Once again, I look up and our eyes lock and we stare at each other.  He gently grabs my hand.  We swing our hands back and forth, back and forth, and we walk so slowly, as if we’re carrying elephants!  I glance up to see that no lights are on inside my house, even though I know my parents are awake, waiting for me.

The only light that is on is the small porch light. 

When we finally reach the pale, white stairs we look at each other, not saying anything to each other.  After a long silence, I slowly explain how I have to go inside, hoping he objects.  At that moment the only thing I hope is that my parents don’t walk outside right now.  After a long awkward silence, he whispers in my ear “I love you”.  And all I can picture at this moment is my rosy, pink cheeks.  He starts to lean in for a kiss, the kiss and… beep! beep! beep! When I wake up to my alarm clock ringing.  I groan in disappointment, but then look up to see that there’s a picture of him in the bottom corner of my mirror.

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