The Magician
Shu Fay, Age 7, Chengdu, China

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Max and he was a magician. Once he decided to play magic on the stage. But his parents didn’t let him. He was sad so he left to the eastern forest. He came to a cave with tigers sleeping all over. When he went into the cave, he said : ”Let the tigers be friendly to me.”

Then all of the tigers woke up and they were friendly to him. Max said “Bring me some fresh meat and some water” and so they did what Max said. He wanted some more that he ate until he was full. After eating Max went to sleep.

In the morning Max's father and mother missed so they telephoned to the police station but the police said : ”Max is not here. I think he went to other police stations.” Once Max missed his parents he said to the tigers : ”Be careful, I’ll miss you.”

Then he said : ”Fly me home” and then he flew home. His parents saw him that they were so happy. They said to Max : ”I missed you so much. I’m glad you are back. We will let you play magic on the stage and I’m so sorry.” And they live happily ever after, just like magic!

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