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Poli Delano. When I Was a Boy Neruda Called Me Policarpo 
Groundwood Books  $17.95  ISBN  978-0-88899-726-5  84 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

A Memoir by Poli Delano tells about a boy named Policarpo. It is written through the boyís eyes, as he sees and feels everything. It tells the story of his life, up to the point where he is ten or eleven years old. The youthful outlook on life in a big estate just outside Mexico City is delightfully written. The book is full of stories and childish muses.

This book would be considered a short read, if it didnít have those qualities that leave you wondering, such as the poems in between each chapter. They were interesting and kept me staring at one page for over twenty minutes at a time. This book provided me with some historical information, as well as a point of view on what it was like to live in Mexico. The customs and holidays are different from what they are here.

I would recommend this book for people ages twelve and up. It is a cute little journal that is short and sweet, and full of life. The illustrations in the book were well done, and expressed each section in the book with colour and emotion.

I give this memoir by Poli Delano four out of five stars. The only reason I deducted one star was because it didnít have much of the exciting content I yearn for in a book.


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