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Becky Citra. Never to be Told 
Orca $8.95  ISBN 1-55143-567-5  pg. 217
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

Twelve-year-old Asia has lived a happy life with Maddy and Ira in Cold Creek as long as she can remember, but when Ira suddenly has a heart attack, everything changes drastically.  The old couple’s son, Harry, comes down to check on his dad and decides that Asia should be living with her own family.  Harry goes to great lengths to get rid of Asia although she doesn’t want to go. Meanwhile, Asia begins having strange interactions with a ghost.  Will Asia find out why a ghost is trapped on earth and why only Asia can see her?  More importantly, will Asia be forced to reunite with her family?

I enjoyed reading this intriguing novel by Becky Citra.  At the beginning, I thought there were two different stories but by the end I realized how she had tied them together.  I enjoyed the author’s style of writing and I liked how she explained the tale.  At times, I was confused whose point of view was being portrayed but after reading further I was able to figure it out.  I wish there had been more detailed backgrounds provided for the character’s histories to explain some issues that were brought up throughout the course of the story.  I would have gotten more out of it if the author had explained why Asia’s mother had kept so many secrets from her family and what the ghost’s previous life was like.  It would have been nice if Becky Citra had made two books from this one so she could thoroughly explain events.

Children ten and up will enjoy this exciting novel.  I rate Never to be Told three stars.


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