Old Victorian House
Sabrina, Age 12, Merced, CA

Snap, Snap, Snap… Kendra woke up to a noise that was disturbing her sleep. She heard it twice already the previous nights. She knew she should have talked her mom into buying a different house.

Kendra and her mom moved into an old Victorian renovated house less than a week ago. It was out in the country and the closest house was a little more than 5 miles away.

Kendra was terrified when she woke up again, hearing the snaps for the 3rd night in a row. But this time, when she opened her eyes she saw a little girl with a grin on her face. Not a comforting happy grin, but an evil grin. Kendra blinked to see if what she was seeing was true, and looked at where the little girl was standing, but saw nothing. She heard a snap from above her and then small moving footsteps, as soft as a sneaky cat. Kendra did not own any pets, so she was even more scared.

She decided to go check out the noise, but the scary part was, there was no roof above her.

The next day was not as sunny and bright as Kendra thought, but it was cold, rainy, and foggy. It smelt of mould and must in the house, and sort of wet dog.

“Kendra! Get out of bed! I am going grocery shopping. Put the big bag that was in the hallway into my closet on the top shelf. You will need a chair, and a lot of strength so eat up.” Kendra’s mom said at Kendra’s bedroom door. Kendra heard of footsteps, a door slam shut, and the sound of the garage door squeakily opening and closing.

Kendra heard her mom’s car driving away, and found herself lifting the huge, heavy, bulky bag. She grabbed her computer chair and wheeled it into her mom’s closet. She climbed the chair and lifting with all her night, tried putting it onto the shelf. She heard a loud creak that made her jump and drop the bag.

Before she could turn around, she bumped her head on the ceiling. She noticed there was a camouflage passageway that led up. Slowly, she opened the small door and climbed in. Everything was covered in white. There the cold, mouldy, musty small was worse up here, and the rain seemed to be even louder. It seemed to be an upstairs attic.

Kendra lifted one of the white cloths off, and revealed a dirty, dusty dresser. Kendra, being nosy, opened one of the dresser drawers. She found a bunch of newspaper clippings……one from the early 1900’s. She reached for the first one she saw and started to read it. It said that there was a murder in the house…Kendra’s room…a little girl in a ruffled pink Victorian dress.

Kendra heard another creak and looked up. She saw the little girl in the pink dress! Her ghost maybe….Kendra got so frightened, she fell down on the attic floor. She barely missed all of the mousetraps that covered the whole attic floor. Almost all of the traps were covered in fresh mice.

Kendra got up, disgusted, forgetting all about the little girl. The little girl looked at Kendra, and with an evil glare, pushed Kendra down the secret passageway.

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