Sarah's Stars

Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple. Pay the Piper: A Rock n Roll Fairy Tale
Starscape  $8.99  ISBN 0-765-35041-6  176 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 11

The pitch grew higher and the notes came faster, higher and faster, faster and higher, and Gringras was screaming the notes as he played them until Callie could no longer tell what was voice and what was flute or if it was something else entirely.

The Pied Piper is back and the only one who knows is a fourteen-year-old girl named Callie. She tries to forget what she saw at the end of the Brass Rats concert, tries to continue on with normal life, but when her brother suddenly disappears she knows things will never be the same unless her brother and the other children can be found.

Yolen and Stemple have an extremely amazing gift with words. I swam through the pages, staying close to the top, but the books undertow soon dragged me down (as usual) and suddenly I was finished and wished I could read it over and over.

I rate Pay the Piper: A Rock n Roll Fairy Tale five stars, and recommend it to any reader 10 years old and up.


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