Subject to Change
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Middle School brought new things to the table
New people, relationships and change
A lot of people have changed, more victims of the Middle School Crunch
I just don’t like it when I think of someone and realize they aren’t who they were
So many people want to fit in, compromising their true self for a socially accepted

And then there’s the forgotten of the bunch
We’ve all been together forever, but now it seems people are branching out when
we should keep the bond that forever will attach us
French Immersion and different schools keep us all apart
But one high school will unite us once again, in the end

Friends, sometimes annoying
Forever changing
Confusing and confusion
No time to think about it
Just Go, Go, Go

Everyone and everything is changing out of my control
I wonder who will be the next victim?
“Subject to Change” should be written on everyone’s faces
So it’s not a surprise when we next see our friend hanging out with other people

Certain people have left the stable circle from which they came
To venture out and push their way into another one
It’s not right but no one cares
These are the people we least like

We all stand around
Waiting for the next one of us to leave, or to change
Missing the ones that have branched away
Missing the people we once knew who have changed
Missing how life was before
This evil yet pleasant thing called middle school decided to change our ways.

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