The Test
Gretchen, Age 12, Atwater, CA

It was one day in the fifth grade when I was nervously looking out the window.  It was raining not cats and dogs but pigs and horses, outside and I was very nervous, my heart kept on beating faster and faster.  Mrs. Palumbo passed me a piece of paper in what seemed to be slow motion.  It was upside down and I knew that I would be like Pandora and her box and that as soon as I turned it over all the evils in the world would come out.  It was the science test!

Sure, to you it would probably be just a science test but to me it was the one thing that would change my grade from a C to an A.  I was scared and had not one bit of confidence.  And even though I was scared I put my name at the top and began the test.

It was two days later and my heart was beating like a large drum all morning.  It was one of those heart beats that you tried to cover up because you thought everyone could hear it.  We were getting our tests back today and all I could think about was my grade.  Everyone was talking about their terrible science tests!  In my mind, mine would be the absolute worst, probably not the attitude to have when getting your test back. I was almost certain I was going to fail.

It was that time of the day!  I thought I was going to cry in front of everyone! The science test was the biggest thing to happen all year and I was certain I had a big red F on the test.  My future counted on this test!  Oh No!!!!  Here comes Mrs. Palumbo with the tests!  I looked at her wondering if her face had any sort of expression as to how I did.


Now I was even more nervous that before. 

I looked down at the upside down paper; I hesitated, took a deep breath and flipped it over.  It said in big, bold numbers 100%!!

I was extremely proud.

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