Sarah's Stars

Susan Vaught. Trigger
Bloomsbury $16.95US  ISBN 1-58234-920-7  292 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Jersey is a high school student. Or he was until the accident. He is not exactly sure what happened. His mind is broken along with his body; he is unable to move the left half. He canít remember much of what had happened two years ago, only bits and pieces here and there, and so many unanswered questions. Why is everyone staring at me? Why are they all acting so weird? What is wrong with me? What happened to me? What if it happens again? All these questions that he must hunt down, and figure out all over again. Jersey can hardly tie his own shoes, or write a simple sentence neatly. All because of one reason Ö and he has no idea what the answer is.

This book is possibly the saddest novel I have ever read. It made me cry so many times. Each page held a new pain, a new problem. This novel definitely brought the struggle of the mentally and physically handicapped to life, from the most creative point of view. The insights are amazingly heart felt. It seemed to be such a personal book, and it really has a way of reaching out to you.

I recommend this book for people thirteen years and older. It is an intuitive novel, and has some mature content and most of it is hard to take in; it is hard for the reader to realize that things like that actually happen to human beings today.

Five out of five stars for Trigger. It has so much emotion. It is over flowing with feeling, which really gets to the reader.


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