True Best Friends Forever
Andrea, Age 11, Wymark, SK

By the time Chy had finished her Math it was time for supper. They were having steak, Chy’s favorite. Logan started the usual family news by saying that some girl in his class had gotten in trouble. Mom talked about something that she had heard on the radio. In addition, Dad worried about the Bird Flu and how we would have to shut down if it entered North America. This worried Chy, what if Dad or Mom died from Bird Flu. Luckily, it had not entered North America yet. Chy tried to think of something to say but nothing came to mind. It was a usual Thursday dinner.

When supper was done, Chy went and grabbed a book and curled up in front of the fireplace. She was probably the only one in her class with a fireplace. It was a great thing to have. Curling up in front of in was the best way to spend cold evenings.

When it was 8:30 Chy went to bed. However, she did not go to sleep right away. Instead, she closed her door and flicked on her small lap besides her bed. She picked up her Journal and began to write:

"At supper, I had no new news, but I just remembered something, I have Swimming Lessons. I am not really looking forward to this. Swimming is not my favorite thing. Luckily, I am to be with Avail and maybe Ivy. Well that is all. I hope tomorrow is better than I think it will be."

Chy finished writing and yawed. She would be swimming tomorrow then Monday to Friday, and then Monday would be the last day. Maybe she should get to sleep. Well, maybe not. She would continue the book she was reading until 9:00. That gave her 15 min. When the 15 min were up Chy could not help reading for another 10 min. Finally she put the book away. She rolled over in her bed and went to sleep almost instantly.

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