Sarah's Stars

Tom Henighan.  Viking Terror
Dundurn  $12.99  ISBN 1-55002-605-4  227 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Rigg and Ari set out to hunt for the wolf that has been terrorizing the village people and their animals. Before they know it, one hunting expedition turns into an ambush, where they meet a strange Indian girl. She wishes for Rigg and Ariís help, but will that be acceptable to their Viking heritage?

I found this book very interesting, with hints of magic and history, and I would recommend this book for readers twelve years and up because the novel does have some gore content. The author has a great way of describing these scenes and that made the book more intriguing.

Four out of five stars for the novel, Viking Terror, as I just wasnít fully drawn in by the story.


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