Sarah's Stars

Sylvia Green.  The Best Christmas Ever
Little Apple Paperbacks  $4.99  ISBN 0-439-34013-6  126 pg.
Reviewed by Colleen, Age 10

Puss, the country cat and his owner, Jenni, move from the quiet, peaceful country to the loud and crazy city with lots of cars and big huge machines. Puss doesn’t realize that his real home in the country is far away and he cannot run back. Consequently, Puss runs off not knowing where he’s going and goes through many dangerous events as he tries to find his home in the country. In this thrilling novel, will Puss realize in time that the best Christmas present is being with your lovable owner, cuddled up by the fire?

The Best Christmas Ever is a great novel and has a lot of parts in it that touch the heart. It is a great book for children and teaches us that there’s nothing better than being with family. In this novel, there were many sad parts, but a lot of humorous parts too. With a variety of tragedy and love, this novel keeps your head and heart in the book, and makes you keep reading until the end.

Our newest reviewer, Colleen, gives The Best Christmas Ever five lovable stars.


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