Little Bird
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Inside my soul behind the bars,
There is a bird with many scars,
She bleeds and bleeds until she cannot anymore,
With a broken heart she falls to the floor.
Sheís always beating her wings in an attempt to be free,
Trying to find something she cannot see.
Little bird does her best to reach the sky,
But after a while she knows she can only go so high.
Once she sees her wings that bleed,
She instead starts to sing a haunting plead.
A voice that echoes in all bad dreams,
A tune that makes you want to scream.
A song thatís pleading for freedom,
A chance to escape her dark kingdom.
She longs for sunshine to light her day,
A bit of hope to help her find her way.
Very soon her voice begins to crack,
The song is over; there is no going back.
Falling into despair with her heart broken,
Hearing voices though no one has spoken.
Little bird has forgotten what itís like to fly,
Now the only thing she knows how to do is cry.

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