Captain Jack's Adventurous Day
Delana, Age 9, Tampa Bay, FL

It was a stormy day at sea. I, Captain Jack Sparrow, and my loyal crew were caught red-handed with Sir Francis Petterbox's legendary sword. I had my sword (that I stole from Port Royal) in my right hand. Waves crashed against my boat as I stood there, staring at an old coop from England.

"Ye trying to kill me? Savvy?" I said to the old rag. "Well, think again. Ye wrong!" I lunged for him with my sword, swishing it back and forth. Then the old coop started fighting like....uh.....a kid! " Ye could fight! I was wrong...but I'm better!" I yelled as I scurried up the port bow. I climbed and climbed and soon I came to the crow's nest. I grabbed a the rope that my old ship always had and stood on the top of the nest. When I heard lighting crack, I jumped with the rope and my hand and, I.. was swinging! Whee!! Well back to business, I thought. " Here I come!" I yelled.

With my sword still in my hand, I started fighting again as the reached the floor of the boat. Swish, crack, BANG CRACK! I swished my sword so hard that his sword broke. The coop and I looked surprised. I gave my crew the "Look." We knew what to say. All together at the flash of lighting we yelled " SCRAM!" Right after the rag ran away, I called my crew in the Captain's quarters for a toast. We all sat down at the table. I reached under it and found a bottle of wine and some glasses. When I set them on the table, William Turner reached out and said "Here I'll get it, Jack!"

He started to pour the wine into his cup, mine, and then Elizabeth's. He gave Elizabeth a romantic look. ( He and Elizabeth like each other, HAH!) Elizabeth just smiled. He poured wine into the rest of the crew's cups. We all raised our cups for a toast. " To the awesome fight, and a pirate's life!" I said. We all clanked our glasses together. POP POP! I quickly grabbed my glass and drank it down furiously. The crew just stared at me.

"Hey it's good!" I yelled quickly. The crew shrugged and started drinking. All of a sudden the doors burst open. A beautiful young lady about my age was standing in a white dress. She had blood flowing down her arm and her hair was in her face. She slowly walked into the room. Everything became quite. She was headed for the chair beside me. Then she sat down. She turned her head torwards me. " Who are ye, darling?" I said as I pushed her hair behind her ears. " My name is Princess Delana Esquirete of England." she said. " Do you need a bandage for that arm?" I asked.

She slowly nodded. I tied the bandage on her arm and smiled. Despite my golden teeth, she looked amazed. " Oh Jack, your teeth are beautiful..." "HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME LASSIE?!?!"I yelled jumping up and down. No answer, just a nod and a kiss on the cheek. Our hands met on the side of our chairs. Slowly our hands came together. I gazed into her eyes. She was beautiful... perfect for me. It was the best day of my whole life.

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