Sarah's Stars

Linda Bailey. The Farm Team
Kids Can Press  $18.95  ISBN 978-1-55337-850-1  26 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 13

The Stolski Cup, the grandest prize of all. Way up in northern Canada, the Farm Team faces off in a roaring game of hockey against the fierce Bandits, both fighting for the Stolski Cup. The Farm Team has never won it, but a new year has dawned. Will they bring home the cup? Or, will they lose just like they did in the last 50 years?

Linda Bailey is an award-winning author of Stanley’s Wild Ride, Stanley’s Party, and Drumheller Dinosaur Dance. She writes children’s books in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Farm Team illustrations were by Bill Slavin, who has illustrated more than 60 books.

The storyline is fun, the illustrations are wonderful, and the cover is inviting. What more could you ask for in a picture book? Nothing really, which is why I say this is probably the best children’s story I have ever read. It is an instant classic that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

The Farm Team scores 5 stars with Jordan!


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