Sarah's Stars

Debby Waldman. A Sack Full of Feathers
Orca Book Publishers  $19.95  ISBN 13:  978-1-55143-332-5  32 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

Once you tell a story, you cannot take it back.  It goes where it goes, and you cannot say where or how or when.  Think of that next time you tell a story…

Every town has its gossip; stereotypically it’s a woman of some age.  Yankel, a young boy, is the town gossip in A Sack Full of Feathers.  To him they are just stories, and he loves to tell stories.  He doesn’t mean any harm, but finds ones about himself boring.  He therefore retells events that happen in the village whenever he can. This need to spread the news coupled with an uncanny ability to overhear and see things allows Yankel to wreak havoc.  Little does he know the old rabbi knows more than he lets on, and intends to do something about it.

A Sack full of Feathers had an outstanding moral.  I thought that Cindy Revel did an excellent job on the illustrations.  They are bold and lively and almost tell the story themselves.  I am sure that children will enjoy watching them as they are read to; I remember that being a very important part of whether or not I liked a book when I was young.

Waldman’s A Sack full of Feathers deserves the full five stars in my opinion - good storyline, fantastic pictures and a wholesome moral to compliment it all.


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