Sarah's Stars

Jan Thornhill.  Folktails: Animal Legends from Around the World
Maple Tree Press  $17.95  ISBN 978-1-897066-75-1  32 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 13

Folktales gathered from around the world, explaining why this is like this and that is like that, are what this book is all about. All of the stories come from different places in the world, such as India, Middle East, West Africa and much more.

Jan Thornhill put together a great collection of folktales from around the globe in this excellently illustrated picture book. It will captivate toddler and adult alike.

Folktails is an excellent book ... funny, brilliant, and beautifully illustrated. The inviting cover is just one of the many great illustrations in this collection of tales.

Jordan gives Folktails: Animal Legends from Around the World  5 enchanting stars!


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