It Happened One Night
Kanishka, Age 9, Chennai, India

On a dark, cold night when I was coming home it started raining. I tried running home but my house was very far away and it had started raining very heavily. I ran into a broken hut which was empty except for a bed, a cupboard, a gas stove, vessels, a coat hanger and a small table. I cuddled up in the bed and decided to spend the night there.

Then suddenly the door opened and someone came in, hung his coat on the hanger and switched on the light. Thinking he was a ghost I closed my eyes and started screaming at the top of my voice. Then I heard a kind voice telling me to stop shouting. I opened my eyes and saw a man with twinkling blue eyes looking at me. He offered me a cup of hot milk and I accepted it gratefully. Then he asked me as to how I had landed up in his house. Seeing that he meant no harm I told him. After that he gave me two parathas and some daal to eat.

When I was done and had cleaned up he asked for my address and I gave him the same. He then told me that as he had no umbrella or raincoat he could not send me home the same night. He added that if the weather improved and there were no floods he would drop me home the next day. Knowing that I was safe I went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I found that the man was preparing breakfast. It was toast and jam. I ate it and we set out for home.

We reached home and found my mother crying. She had been worried about my safety and not slept a wink. She was overjoyed to see me. My mother thanked the man and gave him a thousand rupees note for taking care of me. Then I went into my motherís room and told her all about my adventures.

I hope to have more such adventures. I also hope that someday I get to meet the kind stranger who saved my life that day.

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