Sarah's Stars

Father Jean de Brebeuf. The Huron Carol
Key Porter Kids  $11.95  ISBN 978-1-55263-802-6  30 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 11

"Jesus your King is born,
          Jesus is born.
In excelsis gloria!"

The Huron Carol is quite amazing with its large print, wonderful illustrations and exquisite wording. This carol is probably the best picture book for young kids I have ever read! Really! However, younger readers might find it hard to understand. Itís one of those books that youíll read which will stay in your mind forever.

My utmost thanks to Father Jean de Brebeuf for putting to words what the Bible could not for younger readers who did not understand.

I give The Huron Carol 5 glorious stars! A great Christmas read for all ages.


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