Sarah's Stars

James Houston. Treasury Of Inuit Legends
Odyssey/Harcourt   $10.95  ISBN 0-15-205930-X  280 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

Treasury Of Inuit Legends starts off with a tale about a boy named Tiktaliktak who, while out hunting, is trapped on an iceberg floating out into the sea.  Having no food but one small seabird, his ability to live off the land is put to an extreme test.

James Houston wrote Treasury Of Inuit Legends. I feel that he is an absolutely awesome author who knows a ton about the arctic wilderness. He is a wonderful illustrator who can make a black and white pictures look almost or as good as a color picture.

I would recommend this book for anyone who likes stories about Inuit survival. Based on the four Inuit folktales in this book, I could easily tell you all about the Arctic and its people. One of the many reasons that I really enjoyed reading this book is because each and every story was different and told about a different part or subject of the Arctic. Another reason that I really enjoyed reading this book is because it never got boring or dull.

Mat gives Treasury Of Inuit Legends 4.5 breathtaking stars.


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