Kasie's Day at the Farm
Sarah, Age 10, Talladega, AL

I'm getting ready to go out to my grandparents' farm for my cousin's birthday. My cousin's name is Heidie. She is turing twelve. I am so excited. When we get there I told her "happy birthday".

Then we ran out to my two year old cousin Erika, my three year old cousin Kyle, and my six year old cousin Suzan. On my way running to them I gave my 25 year old cousin Katlin a hug. I picked up Erika and gave my cousins Kayla and Grant a hug. I went and saw my beautiful white horse with red spots, Candy, and let Erika pet her.

Kyle and Suzan love that horse. Erika touched Candy and jerked her hand back with fright thinking it would hurt her.

It was time for lunch. I had a feast and loved the chocolate cake. I watched Heidie open her presents. Then went to the bon fire with Erika sitting in my lap. I ate a few s'mores and fell asleep. My day was perfect. I can't wait tell next weekend when it's Erika's birthday!

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