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Earl Hamner & Don Sipes. Lassie: A Christmas Story
Golden Books  $21.50  ISBN 0-84991-427-2  48 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 13

Lassie: A Christmas Story is a book about a dog that saves a little boy’s mother. On Christmas Eve, Timmy’s mother Ruth, the veterinarian of Vermont, drives out into a snowstorm to feed a hungry herd of deer. On her way back home, a cougar darts across the road, causing her to swerve into a ditch where she is knocked unconscious. What follows is a heart-warming tale.

Lassie: A Christmas Story is a great picture book based on the old television series. Its cover art tells part of the story by itself and the pictures on each page tell what’s happening at the time. The words are big enough that they would be great for new readers learning how to read, but there are a few words that might confuse them. The illustrator, Kevin Burke, has shown some amazing pictures in this Christmas story that young children will enjoy.

Lassie is a great book for the Christmas season and is filled with the spirit of love. I think that this book is a good read for people of all ages and especially for younger children or those looking for a thrilling, yet Christmassy, adventure.

I give Lassie: A Christmas Story five out of five stars.


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