I Bought the Milk
Isabel, Age 12, Atwater, CA

“Mom...Please…pretty please with sugar on the top. Can I please go!?” Samantha said, tears running along down her face.

“The answer is no!” Her mother snapped sternly. “I refuse to let you attend some shin-dig at this Ms. Fern’s house. I don’t know this girl and her house is on the bad side of town. Besides, it a Tuesday night and you have school tomorrow.”

Samantha marched angrily upstairs to her room. The one time she gets invited to the most popular, prettiest girl in school’s party and she is the only one that isn’t going to be at the party. Practically everyone in the school was going to be there and they would all be talking about how much fun it was on Wednesday. Everyone but her.

“I could care less where Fern lives.” That’s when the idea came to her. She would sneak out. A very risky thing to do. It would be hard to do this, but it would be done.

Sassy-like, Samantha walked down the staircase, into the living room where her mother was located.

Her mother glanced up from her book she was reading. She sighed. “If it is about the whole party thing, I do not want to hear about it.”

Samantha answered casually, “Oh no…no…no…no…no…it not about the party at all. I really don’t want to go to it anyway. You were right mom, it’s too risky. There are weirdoes out at this time of night.”

Samantha’s mother gave her a satisfied grin.

“However ma, I do want some milk and cookies for dessert.”

“Help yourself.” Her mom replied.

She strolled over to the fridge for some milk. She opened the fridge door. With a I-totally-didn’t-know sarcastic look on her face she said worriedly, “No milk! How am I to have my dessert with no milk!?”

Her mom looked up, “Oh, sorry. I forgot to get some on my way home from work today. Wanna ride your bike down to Lemonhide Market and grab me a carton?”

She grinned, “All right. I guess I sort of need the exercise. Bye!”

Samantha raced to the garage, hopped on her bike, put the kickstand up, and off she rode. When she was at the end of her street, instead of hanging a right on Broadwood Drive, she wheeled her way left to the “Bad side” of town also know as Doomsflake. Sure this was really risky. Sure this was really dangerous. Sure her mom was going to kill her when she got home. But that was all in the back of her mind. Samantha would pull out that file from her head later.

Finally Samantha arrived at the party. She did not hesitate to knock on the black paint chipped door. In a moment the door flung open and a wind of brain blasting music blew through her. It was party time. The party was a slightly five hours long. It was just enough time for her to see everyone and dance with everyone.

Meanwhile, back at Sam’s house, her mother had her nose literally stuck in her book. She was on the last page. The last sentence she read to the silence of her home, “Bye Roger. I will be seeing you…someday.” Her mom tried not to cry by the ending so she bit her lip.

She looked at the clock on the microwave, 9:00. “Wow! Time flies! I didn’t even her Sammy walk in the door.” She thought to herself. She walked upstairs and knocked on Sam’s bedroom door. No answer. “She’s probably asleep. I mustn’t wake her.” She walked back down stairs into the kitchen make sure there was milk in the fridge. There wasn’t. “Strange.” She whispered to nothing. Then a light bulb appeared over her head and she realized that the milk was just an excuse to go to Fern’s party. Her mom picked up the telephone and phonebook to call the house.

Samantha was having a ball at the party. There was music, games, hot guys, her friends, everything! But what everyone liked most about the party was that Fern’s parents were out of town. Something interrupted the party. It was the po po. The fuzz. The police.

They blasted the door down. Suddenly all the music went off and an odd streak of silence drizzled over the room. The party was over. The police drove everyone back to their homes. They called Fern’s parents and they immediately rushed home.

When the cops showed up to drop off Samantha at home they told her mother the reason why they barged in so rudely. It was because they had been driving by the houses, patrolling the neighborhood and by Fern’s house they saw five figures which turned out to be criminals. They had been arrested for murder and kidnapping.

“We recognized dem boys by the wanted postas in our cab.” said the officer.

“We immediately called for backup reinforcements.” Said the other officer.

Samantha and her mother thanked the officer almost a billion times before they left.

Her mom lectured her and lectured her until her eardrums popped out of her head. After the lecture, she went out on the front porch and grabbed a carton of fat free milk.

“Well mom, on the bright side, I bought the milk.”

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