Nocturnal Writer
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

When the sun fades to make way for night
I cannot sleep; instead I write.
The sunlight of day now hurts my eyes,
And when everyone is in slumber, no one hear my cries.
Darkness and night shows who I am:
A tortured soul that no one will ever understand.
Shadows cover and hide my tears
In the dark no one can see my fears.
I pick up pencil and paper, gazing at the stars,
While I think I absently rub my scars.
Scars of long ago and far away
But also scars of yesterday.
Sorrowful thoughts haunt me so!
I can walk forever without anywhere to go.
Perhaps I shall pick up a knife
And so easily end my pitiful life.
No, I wonít, instead Iíll wait for night,
Then pick up a pencil and write.

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