Pirate Ville
Alana, Age 11, Sherwood Park, AB

“The pirates welcomed the newcomers into their town. After many years of friendships between the pirates and the natives, things began going missing. The pirates were blamed and sent away. They were forced to leave their things on the island so the natives could get their stolen items back, but once the bags were looked through it was all pirate things. The natives were sad to know that their friends left the island they had shared. Especially since they were not the thieves at all. All the natives were sad except for one, Jack Green, the old leader.”

“Is that true?” asked Zoe.

“No one knows. Some people think it is why our town is Pirate Ville. They think it was named in honor of the pirates that the natives sent away. Others think it is just a story. What do you think Zoe?”

“I think it’s real and I’m going to find the real thieves.” Zoe’s mom hugged her and turned off the lights.

Once her mom was out of the room Zoe took out the book and searched for a picture to look at. Zoe couldn’t read so she read by pictures. She found a picture of pirates in a jail cell.  One was sleeping and two were playing marbles. The fourth was staring between two cell bars. Then something weird happened, really weird. The pirates moved.

At first it was just a twitch, but then slowing the twitching got faster and faster and the started talking.

“Arrg, yah piece of scum, what are yah doing standing around? We have to find the thief before three days time or the scummy villagers will have us thrown off the island!!” Zoe was amazed but jumped into the book anyway. The pirates asked how she got here and she said that she was looking at the pictures in a book and this was one of them. The pirates told her their troubles and she had a few things to say.

“Show the villagers your bags!! I read in the story that the villagers only find pirate junk in your bags!!”

“We would but we can’t talk to them. We know who stole the things.”


“Jack Green. We saw him. We have proof.”

“I can show them. I’ll just open my book, climb out and go into a picture of the police building.”

“Yes, go, go!!” Zoe jumped the highest she could and found myself looking at the pictures in the book again. She flipped through the pages and discovered a picture of the sheriff looking around the police station. She waited until the picture started moving and then jumped in.

“Hello?” she said softly as she tapped the sheriff on the back. He jumped up in surprise and then steadied himself. He stared at Zoe like she was a different species. Zoe told him the story and they both ran to the jail. As the sheriff distracted the jailkeeper she got the pirates bags and stuck out of the window. They got the mayor to ring the town bell and the town gathered.

After the story was told everyone went searching for Jack Gre...

Zoe woke up. She checked the time. It was 7:30, time to start walking to school. As she walked she wondered if the dream she had had was true. She remembered the book; it was on her shelf. The town’s name was Pirate Ville and the sheriff even looked the same.

In the next second her questions were answered. The pirate captain walked past and waved, “Hey, Zoe!! Why are ya staring? Zoe?” Zoe smiled and went to school.

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