Remembering and Trying to Forget
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

I no longer know what to do anymore
Donít know my purpose; what am I here for?
I used to want to try to help everybody
I wanted to try and find my lifeís melody.
But those days are over and I canít go back
I need to clear my mind; get back on track.
Still, I canít help wishing that then was now
I wish I could go back in time somehow.
Because those were good times with you at my side
When you loved me for who I was inside.
But now when I think of you, tears come to my eyes
Though it doesnít take long before a trickling tear dries.
Itís so hard to smile when you have a broken heart,
I need to forget the past so I donít fall apart.
Painfully slowly into darkness I fall
I only wish that I didnít regret it all.
Forgetting everything is just so hard;
I canít suddenly heal and stop being scarred.
I pause in my writing as a tear falls to the ground
I scream so loud yet without making a sound.
Hour after hour I will continue to weep,
Though eventually exhaustion will put me to sleep.
In my dreams I will realize something so true:
Even though you hate me, I still love you.

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