The Ride of the Day
Anna, Age 9, Haines City, FL

One day I had nothing to do.  So, I asked my mom if I could go outside.  I ran outside and I remembered that for my birthday my grandmother bought me a beautiful scarlet wagon.  Then I had an idea!

I ran upstairs and gathered my stuffed animals.  I sped back downstairs and placed them in the scarlet wagon and pretended the wagon was a pirate ship and that there was an octopus chasing us!  I dashed up the hill and I pretended it was a waterfall.  I pushed with all my might!  Then, as I zoomed down, it felt like I was on a roller coaster!

It was the best time ever!  The octopus was right on our tail.  It grabbed one of my crew members, but we escaped!  Then, I saw the octopus reach out its long arm!  It grabbed our ship!

Then my mom shouted, Its time for dinner.

So I ran back up the hill and went home.

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