Sarah's Stars

Rod Green. Santa Claus
Atheneum Books  $25.99  ISBN 1-4169-2758-7  32 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

How does Santa Claus get all the way around the world in one night?  How come no one has ever seen his workshop?  Are the elves really native to the North Pole?  These questions and many more will be answered in this entertaining book.  Pages pull out to invite a pleasing display of information, all about the wonderful character called Santa Claus.  The recipe for Mrs. Clausís favorite cookies is hidden in the book, along with the Arctic animals that help Santa get ready for Christmas.  Many other surprises about the amazing Santa Claus workshop are included.  In Santaís diary youíll learn about the exceptional parties he hosts at his workshop for the elves, along with other activities that Santa does throughout the year.

I enjoyed reading Santa Claus and discovering all his hidden secrets.  In order to notice everything in the book I went through it many times and found more information with each reading. The pages are all different and most have things to pull out or unfold.

Children eight and up will get the most out of this book, whereas younger children may lose interest as there is so much written information.  The pictures are fabulous and have a lot of detail, and although they provided a lot visually, I didnít like how the illustrators made the elves look.  They seemed out of proportion and I found it inconsistent with the rest of the illustrations.  I liked the authorís style of writing, as it flowed smoothly and his good sense of humor added to the writing.

I rate Santa Claus five shining stars.


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