Sarah's Stars

Lisa Wheeler and Mark Siegel.  Seadogs: The Epic Ocean Operetta
Aladdin  $9.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-4103-3  40 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Old Seadog decides to summon his two best friends, Brave Beagle and Dear Dachshund for one last quest. The two willingly join his journey. They board a ship and brave many obstacles. Pirate fights, and hidden treasure keep them out at sea longer than they expected. This lively tale is written using rhyming sentences (song lyrics) to entertain and amuse the reader.

This is a lovable comic. I found it appealing just by looking at the cover of the book. It has colorful pictures and bold fonts, and it is definitely ‘Eye-Candy’ from start to finish. I found the storyline cute because it had rhyming poems that told the entire story. The plot of the story was so creative that I felt like I was watching a film.

I would recommend this book for eight-year-old kids and older. It is such a fun read! This book is a charming cartoon story consisting of an all dog cast.

Five out of five stars for this graphic novel, because this book made me laugh out loud. It takes talent for a book to do that!


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