Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

There is so much silence in here.
Iím starting to feel a creeping sense of fear.
The emptiness of the silence is overwhelming me.
The still darkness blinds my eyes; I cannot see.
There are so many voiceless screams
Those always haunt me in my dreams.
The stalking stillness I try to ignore,
I try to bring back the smile that once I wore.
Darkness slowly chokes my heart,
Silence is mercilessly tearing me apart.
I canít take it; Iím going insane.
I canít take the constant stress in my brain.
Lost in silence, no comfort is near.
Falling from my cheek is a single tear.
Silence is what causes me to roam,
Itís what keeps me from having a place to call home.
Darkness turns my tears ruby-red,
Makes me wish I were dead.
Iím trying to keep my soul from becoming rotten,
Trying to make sure that I am not forgotten.
I see silent shadows in the night,
Filling me with a fear as they creep in the moonlight.
They are the source of my sorrow,
And make me wonder: will they haunt me tomorrow?

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