Sarah's Stars

C.J. Taylor.  All The Stars In The Sky
Tundra Books  $22.99  ISBN 0-88776-759-1  38 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

The first story in this book is about a young man named White Hawk, who, after stumbling upon a place where twelve star maidens come from the heavens above to sing and dance, is heartbroken when he tries to meet the youngest one. The second story in this picture book is about a magical lake where a magnificent snow goose comes. Unfortunately, a young hunter, wanting to prove his hunting ability to his two older brothers, chooses the magnificent snow goose as his prey.

C.J. Taylor, author of All the Stars in the Sky, is an interesting author who knows how to put together an exciting collection of stories.  As a self-taught storyteller and artist, I would have to say that she is doing very nicely, this being her eleventh book. Some of her other stories include titles such as Peace Walker, Bones in the Basket, How We Saw the World, and The Monster from the Swamp. Besides writing books, she has also organized numerous exhibitions of native art across North America.

I would recommend this book for everybody. One of the many reasons that I really enjoyed this book was that even though it was fairly short, it still was every bit as exciting as most of the long ones that Iíve read.

Another reason that I enjoyed reading this book was because each story told a lesson or had some deeper meaning to it.  Lastly, I enjoyed this book because of the imaginative title page and all of the drawings.

Mat gives All The Stars In The Sky 3 shining stars.


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