The Christmas Story
Sabrina, Age 12, Merced, CA

Author's Note:

'The Christmas Story' is a sequel to 'The Old Victorian House', from last month's issue.

It was December 1st. Kendra was decorating the Christmas tree her dad brought in that afternoon. It was large for a Christmas tree, and it touched the ceiling. In the house, it smelt of redwood, as the old Victorian house used to smell of mold and must.

She opened the Christmas cupboard and pulled out a box of Christmas decorations. She ran back to her spot in the living room, and started pulling out Christmas tree lights. She wrapped it around the Christmas tree, and plugged it in. She hung up ornaments and placed stuffed animals of a snowman, reindeer, Santa Clause, and an angel all around the living room.

The Christmas tree was finally finished decorating. Snap….snap snap. ‘Ugh! Not again!!’ Kendra thought. Two months before, in October, Kendra figured out there was a little girl in a pink ruffled Victorian dress living in her house. She was a ghost, and always wanted to play with Kendra. Up in the attic, Kendra found a drawer full old newspaper clippings from the early 1900’s. It said how the little girl, that’s name was Eva, was murdered. She was babysitting her little brother when a burglar came in, and killed them both. Kendra told herself, that whenever she heard the snaps, she knew that Eva would appear in a few seconds, and would close her eyes.

So Kendra sat down, cuddled herself into a little ball, and closed her eyes. She sat there for about 5 minutes she heard footsteps. Not Eva’s footsteps, but someone else’s.

“Kendra dear, what are you doing?” a voice asked. Kendra looked up and saw her mom staring down at her in a puzzled look.

“Oh..” Kendra said getting up. “I was just….uhhhh….”

“Never mind that. I can’t take you to the doctors, sorry, so your Dad is going to go with you to take the stitches out.” Kendra’s mom said.

Kendra sighed, but agreed. She looked around the living room, and there she saw Eva looking at her. She was smiling happily. Kendra and Eva, were sort of friends, because, hey, they would have to learn to like each other while they were in the house. Kendra and her dad left for the doctors, and the mom started wrapping presents.

When Kendra got back she went straight for the Christmas tree. She noticed something different about the tree, but couldn’t quite get to it. Her dad came behind her. Kendra got her answer.

“Oh look! Looks like your mom wrapped your gifts.” Kendra’s Dad exclaimed leaving to look for his wife.

Kendra walked around the Christmas tree. She picked a present up and looked at it, searching for the name tag. It was big, and it was shaped as a long rectangle. She could hardly read the handwriting. It was in cursive, and looked as if someone wrote it down very fast. Kendra was concentrating so hard, she didn’t hear the footsteps that walked into the room.

“Kendra! Are you counting your presents?! I told you not to count your presents! I couldn’t get everything that was on your list. Remember that.” Kendra’s mom exclaimed, walking into the room.

“You never told me that.” Kendra said, arguing. She knew she shouldn’t, as her mom gave her a stern look, that looked almost like a tired look. “Sorry Mommy, but I just couldn’t help it!” Kendra put the present down as her Mom walked out of the room.

Kendra saw Eva sitting by the Christmas tree. Kendra knew she shouldn't be scared. It wasn't Halloween anymore, it was Christmas. Kendra walked over to Eva, and sat next to her. Eva just stared at her with wide eyes.

"Hey." Kendra said. Eva just looked at Kendra. It was as if she couldn't talk, but Kendra knew Eva could talk.

"I didn't see you at Thanksgiving. Where were you?" Eva asked.

"Oh, Sorry. I was at my grandma's house." Kendra replied.

"Did you get me a gift?" Eva asked.


"A Gift." Eva replied. "For...Christmas."

"Oh...umm....I haven't gone shopping yet sorry." Kendra replied. The truth was, she did go shopping. She just didn't know she was suppose to get a dead girl a gift. Kendra didn't feel the least bit sorry.

"Oh.." Eva replied, sad. "I got you one. See." She pointed. "It's right over there." Eva continued pointing. Kendra got up and walked over where Eva was pointing. She picked up the present and looked at it. It looked familiar. It was familiar! It was the one with the handwriting that was scribbled down.

"Sorry my handwriting is bad. Your mom was coming, and I didn't want her to see me." Eva said wide-eyed.

"Oh." Kendra replied, still staring at the gift. It said:
             To: K3ndr@
             Fron: 3v@
             Merry Christmas!

Kendra felt really bad. She looked back at where Eva was sitting. Eva wasn't there. Kendra ran to find her mom. She found her mom, sitting at the computer, on craigslist.

"Mom! Are we moving?" Kendra asked, looking at the screen. Reading what her mom was looking at. New Homes in Las Vegas, Nevada? Summerlind?

"Oh no..." Kendra's mom replied. Minimizing the screen.

"Oh. Mom, I need to go Christmas shopping."

"We just went!"

"I forgot a friend." Kendra replied.


It was Christmas Eve. Kendra was with her whole family. She was having a blast. Her family was counting down until 12 midnight, when she saw Eva. She was dressed in a green and red ruffled dress. She was walking around her family, but I guess Kendra thought, her family couldn't see her. Why could she only see Eva?

"Eva!" Kendra yelled. Her family stared at Kendra. It got really quiet.

"UUmm.....Eeeeeeeeeva heard a Christmas joke?" Kendra said. Her family started talking again. She went to go look for Eva. She was sitting by the Christmas tree.

"Hey Eva.....I got you a present."

"I already looked around the tree, and I don't see any of my name!!" Eva said crossing her arms.

"Because I have it right here."

It was midnight and the whole family were opening present, happily. Eva and Kendra were sitting next to each other, and everyone was happy and laughing.

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