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Beatrix Potter. The Tailor of Gloucester
F. Warne & Co  $6.99  ISBN 0-7232-3462-0  58 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 15

When the snowflakes came down against the small leaded windowpanes and shut out the light, the tailor had done his dayís work; all the silk and satin lay cut out upon the tableÖ And everything was ready to sew together in the morning, all measured and sufficient Ė except that there wanted just one single skein of cherry coloured twist. The tailor came out of his shop at dark, for he did not sleep there at nights; he fastened the window and locked the door, and took away the key. No one lived there at night but little brown mice, and they run in and out without any keys!

For the poor, old tailor of Gloucester winter is hard. His health is failing and he has barely any money left. His only hope is to finish off the coat of cherry coloured corded satin for the Mayor of Gloucester, who is to be married on Christmas morning. Everything is ready; all that is missing is one small buttonhole of cherry coloured twist. But then the tailor falls very ill and Simpkin, his cat, hides the last skein of cherry coloured twist to get back at the tailor for freeing the little brown mice that were to be Simpkinís dinner. Will the tailor be able to finish the coat in time? Or will he need some special help from the little brown mice?

Beatrix Potter has written many childrenís books, the most well known being The Tale of Peter Rabbit and she knows just how to tell a story that will delight and captivate children. Although itís not a picture book, everyone who has ever read a Beatrix Potter book knows that they are small, easy to read and fit well in a childís hand. In my opinion, The Tailor of Gloucester is one of Ms. Potterís best. Itís an old story, but it will forever be a favorite of children and the child in everyone.

TheTailor of Gloucester was my favorite story when I was little and I was always especially entranced by the magic that happens on Christmas morning. Itís a story that you will want to share with every child you know. I highly recommend The Tailor of Gloucester and if you enjoyed reading it, I suggest you get out the tape; itís wonderful to listen to on a snowy evening as youíre falling asleep.

Iíd give The Tailor of Gloucester five cherry-coloured stars out of five.


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