Tony's Big Day
Taylar, Age 9, Haines City, FL

Tia’s baby brother Tony was going to turn three years old.  He always liked to mess with his mother’s cowboy stuff.  Tony liked to pretend he was a cowboy.  Tony had a cowboy bed set, a cowboy curtain, a cowboy chair and a cowboy lamp.  Anything in the world that was “cowboy” was in Tony’s room!

When Tony’s birthday came closer and closer, Tony begged his mother for a cowboy birthday party.  Tony couldn’t go to the store without begging his mother for every cowboy thing in the store for his birthday.  One day Tony saw the big sign in the kids’ cowboy section.  It said, “Howdy Boys and Girls!  If you want to have a Hippy-do-dai Birthday, come to Cowboy Land.”  After Tony saw that, he begged his mother to let him have his birthday there.  His mother got so tired of him asking!  She gave up!  She said, “YES TONY, IF YOU JUST HUSH!!!”

Tony jumped up with glee!  He was so happy!  He ran around like a crazy child!

They went to the birthday aisle.  They bought cowboy party hats and cowboy table cloths.  They cleared the shelf of cowboy party stuff.

The day of the birthday party finally came.  When Tony saw Cowboy Land his mouth fell open.  He went on every cowboy ride he saw.  The he finally found the wooden horse that he’d been dying to get on.  He got on it and didn’t want to get off for hours and hours.  When his mother said, “All right, Tony, time to get off,” he threw a temper tantrum!

He kicked and screamed, “I DON’T WANT TO GET OFF!  I DON’T WANT TO GET OFF!”

His mother was so embarrassed that she grabbed him off the wooden horse and took him in the bathroom and spanked him.  He cried so loud that everyone heard him!

When they came out of the bathroom, everyone saw them.  Tony’s mommy said, “Young man, don’t you ever do that again.”

He said,” Yes, ma’am.”

Then they went to sit down at the birthday party table with everyone else.  They sang the birthday song and Tony made a wish to be a famous cowboy.

Years later, his wish came true.  Tony is now twelve years old and the youngest professional bull rider in America.

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