Cassandra, Age 12, Easton, CT

I awoke from the rise of the shining sun
With sweat running down my face.
I hear the lush leaves swaying in the wind,
As I look around and see my friends
With faces cold as stone.
I wonder why I am here
and why I am not at home where I belong.
I was forced to fight,
To fight for something I do not believe.

There was a deadness of sound,
But this was quickly interrupted,
As I stand up and walk around.
In a slight bit of a daze,
I hear a faint sound of screaming,
And a loud bang surrounding the area in which I stand.

I collapse to the ground,
With a deafening ring in my ears,
I am not sure if I should get up.
I manage to stand, but not for long,
A barrage of bullets whiz past me.

I look beside me
And gasp with horror,
As I see John lying face first on the ground.

I turn him over,
But only to see three holes in his chest,
And his dreams ripped out of his heart.

I start to shed tears,
Just like a boy,
Losing his prized possession.

I stand once again,
My legs shaking, hands twitching,
As I lift up his lifeless body.

I feel a sting,
And then more.
I place my hand on my stomach and look down,
And see red oozing from my body and my future running away.
This is War.

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