Why Are You Still Here?
Kara, Age 14, London, ON

Stop crying to me
When you need someone
I'm not a liar
I don't go back
On promises
But this one I'll have to break

We just weren't meant to be
Best friends forever
You've made that perfectly clear
Now I've moved on
So why are you still here?

Two years of depression
Is all I'm willing to suffer
For you

Two years of wasted tears
Is all you get
For those years

I've got nothing left to give
Except a broken heart
And scarred past
I know it wasn't meant to last
But why wont you go?

I don't have that energy
For the pain and the hurt
That was there before

Best friend forever
Just wasn't meant to be
I can see that
So why can't you leave me?

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