All Kept Inside
Kara, Age 14, London, ON

The pain
The everlasting mark
That something had hurt someone
More than words can explain

The scars
Of what should have been
Left behind
When it all ended

This isn't something you just walk away from
This isn't something you just get over
You're never gonna get better
So just learn to play
The hand you've been dealt

Maybe I've brought it upon myself
Maybe I haven't been completely truthful
Maybe I didn't want to admit
That I've ruined it all myself
Single handedly
Messed up what should have been so easy
Just want someone to forgive me

Well I'm sorry
Don't know who I'm apologizing to
Maybe me
This isn't the way
It was supposed to be
And I'm sorry

Emotions hurt so much
They can rip you apart
Leave you without nothing
And you don't even remember
Why you cared in the start

I've never really learned
To live with what I've done
With what I do
With what I've said
And still say

I've just lied
Put on a smile
And prayed to God
It could be fixed
In a single day

Still clinging to that past
The only time I remember
Being truly happy everyday
Being able to smile
And really mean it

Still wishing I could go back
Further than yesterday
Not made the mistakes
Being able to smile
And really mean it

This is everything I've been feeling lately
So lost in this sea of misery
This ocean of happiness
It's all mixing together
Making one big mess

Why can't it all make sense?
Why can't there be an answer book?
Why I have to see those happy people, everywhere I look?

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