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Haroon Siddiqui.  Being Muslim
Groundwood $12.95  ISBN 978-0-88899-786-9  155 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Being Muslim is not an easy life. This guide is filled with the religion of the Muslims, as well as everything they are forced to endure. It clarifies the history of their bible, their lives all the way to up to resent times. Terrorism, murders and belief have a bigger story behind them. The accusations made of the Muslim race are unbelievable, and this book tells it from the accused point of view.

Being Muslim has a very good way of getting the Muslim standpoint across to the reader. The blame that is placed upon this race of people is shocking. The reader will never think of 9/11 the same way. It is a fairly good book. It has captured many historical facts, and many other hidden facts, somewhat like a history textbook.

I would recommend this book for people thirteen years old and up. It is definitely full of historical facts and would be a good book to read for a Socials class project.

I give Being Muslim four stars, only because it was still slightly dry for my liking.


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