Little Blue
Brittany, Age 12, Easton, CT

A little girl named Little Blue Riding Hood was on her way to her hurt aunt’s house with some Advil to give to her, so she could help make the pain in her knee go away. But there was the nasty bear who always loved to snatch things from people. So, she ran off into the woods in her little blue cloak, until, she heard a noise in to bushes. All little blue did was ignore it, and walked on with a little worry in her mind. Then, she heard it again, now she was getting a little scared, she started walking a little faster. Until, a bear jumps out and pushes her to the ground, he stole her cloak and her little bag with the Advil in it. The bear just ran off through the trail and left her lying there on the ground. After a while, the bear came up to a house.

Of course, the bear decides to walk in and sees a lady on the couch with a broken leg. He runs behind the couch and peeks up from the back. The bear could tell the lady was blind. Since the lady was blind she had an overly great hearing aid. So, she could hear really well. The lady heard a noise behind the couch so she throws the remote behind the couch because she thought it was a burglar and it hits the bear in the head. She then though, wait, what if the is little blue. So, she turns around while sitting on the couch, knees sinking into the cushion, and she reached behind the couch to help it up. Once she felt the blue cloak, she then realized that is was definitely little blue, even though it was the bear.

She felt a little fur and said, “Little blue, when the last time you shaved?” She continued helping it up and noticed it was very heavy and said, “Little blue have you gain some wait, lately?” After, she accidentally squeezed it too hard, and the bear roared. The lady said, “Little blue has you voice changed a bit?”

The bear said, “I am going to steal everything you have.”

“Oh, you and your silly jokes,” said the lady.

“I have already stolen a little girl's blue cloak and bag, and I am now going to steal all of your stuff,” yelled the bear.

“I love you dearly little blue, you are the cutest little thing ever, now come and give me some of the Advil you brought me. I am in a ton of pain.” The bear stole almost everything in the house. Until, she sees poor little blue crying on her way though the path with only a white shirt on and black pants all dirty. She didn’t see the bear at all. The bear felt bad for little blue and so it ran back into the house left everything behind the couch. The bear ran away through the back door. Little blue just arrived at the house and saw her aunt on the couch with all of her stuff behind it. Little blue was excited and gave her aunt a hug. That was the end of the story of little blue. The aunt was out of pain, the bear learned his lesson, and little blue was happy.

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